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We offer chair massage for employee appreciation days, incentive programs, and health benefits.

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Our Mission

Stress can build up for many reasons. In our fast paced culture everyone needs help relaxing.  When we associate stress with work, we limit what we can accomplish. 

Our mission is to help foster work environments where employees understand that taking care of there health is apart of the job.  We all function better when we are healthy.  

Services We Offer

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Massage is the perfect way to show your employees you appreciate all the work they've done and boost the mood of the office.

Massage reduces muscle tightness and fatigue. It is a scientifically proven holistic therapy that helps you think more clearly, and increases your immune system.  What better way to say, "Thank you!”

Employee Appreciation Day

Our expert team of packers examines the entire household to estimate costs and time. This will save you and your family a lot of time, and will for sure take of a lot of stress of your shoulders.

​​​​​​​Another advantage of hiring us is preventing the emotional and physical stress of moving.

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Incentive Program

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Massage Wellness Programs tell your employees that there health is important.   

One company reported a 25 percent decrease in time off for work-related injuries, and a $200,000 decrease in compensation claims after it implemented a massage therapy program. 

Massage is great and has many benefits that you are more likely to see with regular care.

Wellness Program


The following are health reasons all adults should be including massage as a regular part of their routine.  

Massage therapy:

* helps prevent and treat carpel tunnel, headaches, backache

* Boosts the immune system. (fewer sick days)

* Reduces anxiety

* Reduces the flow of stress hormones

* Improves sleep

* Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue

* Improves concentration

* Increases circulation (a major benefit when you're at a desk all day long)

* Improves self-esteem

* Reduces frequency of headaches

Releases endorphins

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About Us

When you work with Massage Incentive you'll find we are passionate about helping people.  Sometimes workplace massage is the only ten minutes that a person takes for themselves all week. So, we know how important this is. We offer support with scheduling, we interview all of our therapists extensively and they are licensed, insured and experienced in offering chair massage in the workplace.  


"By taking care of people,

by taking care of our bodies we are taking care of business."

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